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How can I determine what it will cost to reach my goals?

Everyone’s individual costs are different. Once we establish a financial plan, we can then implement a strategy to allocate resources appropriately.

How can I determine whether I am on track to reach my financial goals?

With the financial tools that are available to us, we can analyze your cash flow, project your income and lifestyle expenses, and create a plan of action to ensure that your long term goals are obtainable.

How do I determine my risk tolerance?

We will help you determine your risk tolerance by finding your comfort zone and recommending investments that fit you.

How much money do I need to invest, and how often?

Based on your lifestyle needs, we can determine how much money you need to save today to meet your future goals. How many different kinds of investments do I need? There are lots of investments in the market place today. We set our clients up in those investments that help them achieve their financial independence. The number doesn’t matter as long as they all “fit” the client’s objectives.

How often do I need to revise my plan? How will I know how my investments are doing?

Once a financial plan has been established, we review then plan once a year to make sure that we are on the right track. Your investments are reported to you on a quarterly basis, and we review their performances semi-annually to make any necessary adjustments.

What effects will these investments have on my taxes?

Our goal at KW Wakefield Financial is to help you minimize your taxes through tax efficient investment. We will communicate with your accountant to utilize any tax saving vehicles.

What kind of communication will I receive from you?

We communicate with our clients regularly by phone and mail. If we feel that there is a need to make any changes to your portfolio, we don’t wait until your semi-annual meeting; we contact you and make the necessary changes right away.

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