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Why KW Wakefield?

Our commitments to you…

  • To uncover, together, the investment, tax and estate planning aspects of your personal situation. We will begin our relationship with a comprehensive estate plan to achieve your unique long-term financial objectives.
  • To work with your personal risk profile when structuring your investment portfolio. Our investment philosophy is conservative in nature; we strive to achieve long-term growth while avoiding undue risk.
  • To monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis, and to conduct an annual review meeting. This will enable us to take advantage of opportunities created by changing circumstances.
  • To strive to serve as your chief financial advisor. In this role, we will coordinate our activities with those of your existing professional advisors (tax accountants, estate lawyers, etc.) as required, we will also call upon advisors within our network.
  • To keep our lines of communication open; to promptly acknowledge any of your inquiries. We believe that our best clients are the ones who are fully informed.
  • To respect the confidentiality of our working relationship.
  • To provide friendly, courteous, professional service.
  • To be open and honest with you at all times, which we expect you will reciprocate. In this way, we’ll build a valuable, long-term win-win partnership.
  • To advise you, as soon as possible, when circumstances outside of our control dictate that we are unable to honour our commitments in a timely fashion.

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1200-1111 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC

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