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Are You Searching For Financial Advice To Reach Your Retirement Goals?

By kw-login on 23 January 17 Uncategorized

You might have thought you had a sound investment strategy for meeting your retirement goals, but without expert financial advice, you may not have been proactively managing your investment portfolio. There is no need to regret your past decisions, but managing your investment portfolio might require a team of advisors that offer the guidance that hundreds of clients have trusted, since 1986.

Our team of financial planning advisors takes a conservative approach to the financial advice they offer, because long-term growth is most important. To enjoy the income stream needed to reach personal retirement goals, this financial advice offers a sound strategy for portfolio growth. Your 100% personalized and customized portfolio strategy is tailored to your personal risk tolerance, but long-term growth is part of the strategy we incorporate.

It is never too late to develop an income-producing investment portfolio. With our knowledgeable financial advice, you can enjoy the benefit of open and honest communication from expert financial planning advisors, based in Vancouver. Your financial affairs are handled in synergy with your other professional advisors, including your estate lawyer or tax advisor. We have an annual performance review, along with a semi-annual strategy review, besides reporting your performance on a quarterly basis. This allows quicker shifts in strategies because our team of experts might change their financial advice, based on the ever-changing market conditions.

Staying ahead of adverse market changes can make a difference in the profitability of your investment portfolio. With sound financial advice, you avoid the losses your investments might have suffered in the past, due to lack of attention or regular communication. Our team offers financial advice based on current market conditions, so strategies may change accordingly.

With the right financial advice, you can plan your investment strategy to meet your retirement goals and with your customized and personalized risk strategy, you will see better results. While our advisors will keep you up-to-date with the latest financial advice, through open and honest communication, your risk tolerance is part of the investment strategy employed. If your investment comfort levels change as you get closer to retirement, our financial advice is adjusted to your comfort levels and life circumstances.

There are some financial planners that offer advice which provides the most incentive to them because of the way their compensation plan is structured. Not at KW Wakefield Financial, our team of professionals uses a “win-win” investment strategy because their compensation is not attached to specific products so they can keep your needs in the forefront. This means you benefit from our financial advice and since a long-lasting client relationship is of the utmost importance to our firm, you are ensured of quality investments that meet your retirement plan and long-term income goals.

We have built our reputation on the sound financial advice we offer and a long-lasting relationship is the goal of our expert advisor team at KW Wakefield Financial, in Vancouver. You get the benefits that come from the experts, willing to offer you the best financial advice for your personal circumstances.